[ROVERNET - UK] SU Carb Dampener Oil

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Sat Dec 11 05:33:33 GMT 2004

I bought a 125ml. bottle of S.U. Carburetor Dashpot Oil from Moss Motors 
several years ago for $7.95. I figure it is a lifetime supply. It is a 
plastic squeeze bottle with a built in spout. Nice Xmas present??

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> Randy. I have not used Marvel Mystery Oil. But I would second the comment 
> "why bother"? If it is because you have some then try it. You will know if 
> it works or not fairly quickly. You are not likely to  cause any problems. 
> I have driven my SD1 with Strombergs from -35 to +40C. I have used 20W50, 
> 10W30  and auto trans fluid. I found very little difference between any of 
> them at high temperatures and only slight differences between 10W30 and 
> auto trans fluid at low temperatures. Once the engine is warm the damper 
> oil does not seem to effect the engine very much. Before warm up you may 
> notice some popping from the intakes. My opinion is to use what works. If 
> you find it works then it is probably Ok. The operator guide does say what 
> oil to use for various temperature ranges. It is fairly easy to experiment 
> and find the optimum for performance and fuel economy. Hope this helps, 
> all the best. Ron.
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>>Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] SU Carb Dampener Oil
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>>Has anyone used Marvel Mystery oil in the piston dampeners in their SU 
>>carbs, and if so, does it work?
>>Randy - Miami, FL
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