[ROVERNET - UK] A Sterling (Rover 800) electrical question

Geoff Kirkpatrick britcarnut at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 21 18:09:53 GMT 2004

Hi Rovernetters,

Earlier this year I bought a 1990 Sterling 827SLi on Ebay (that's a Rover
800 Vitesse to those of you outside the US).  It's in beautiful shape and
I've always loved this hatchback model which is very scarce here.  Does
anyone know of a good place to have electronic items repaired or to get
replacements?  The speedometer/odometer has an intermittent fault which
causes it to cut out most of the time; it only works perhaps 20% of the
time I'm driving.  Also, there is a similar intermittent fault in the
circuitry of the right rear window controls.  I'm not electronically
inclined and I'd rather just send the units away to someone who can repair
them, or replace them.  The usual classic Rover suppliers in the UK don't
seem to deal with this later model.  Any input would be helpful!  Thanks -


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