[ROVERNET - UK] A Sterling (Rover 800) electrical question

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Nisonger, I believe in New Rochelle NY is number1 in the US on instruments.
They should have a web site.Someone in Miami should have dozens of bad ones.
Every Sterling went through 3 or 4 defective speedometers, and the Sterling
dealer there warranteed them.I have some 87 Sterling wheels, doors, and body
panels, if anyone needs them. James Dean, Ft. Lauderdale .
jaguru at bellsouth.net
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> Hi Rovernetters,
> Earlier this year I bought a 1990 Sterling 827SLi on Ebay (that's a Rover
> 800 Vitesse to those of you outside the US).  It's in beautiful shape and
> I've always loved this hatchback model which is very scarce here.  Does
> anyone know of a good place to have electronic items repaired or to get
> replacements?  The speedometer/odometer has an intermittent fault which
> causes it to cut out most of the time; it only works perhaps 20% of the
> time I'm driving.  Also, there is a similar intermittent fault in the
> circuitry of the right rear window controls.  I'm not electronically
> inclined and I'd rather just send the units away to someone who can repair
> them, or replace them.  The usual classic Rover suppliers in the UK don't
> seem to deal with this later model.  Any input would be helpful!  Thanks -
> Geoff
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