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These figures are from the Haynes manual. I just had my front discs
machined with new pads- the brakes are sooo sweet!!! It always amazes me
how such an old car can have such good brakes.. 

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>What's the source of these figures for acceptable disk thickness?
>Owen Holmwood
>'72 3500S
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Repair Operations Manual, Rover 3500 and Rover 3500s, Rover Triumph
Services Division

Part Number AKM 3621  (no ISBN I'm afraid)

>> >If 12.5 is within spec, what is the minimum ?
>> >
>> >Fritz Rauschenberg
>> >
>> Front - max 12.7 mm, min 11.43 mm
>> Rear  -  max 9.65 mm, min 8.38
>> kanjane

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