[ROVERNET - UK] Sd-1 front struts (dampers)

Bill Daddis magnet at roverclub.org
Fri Jul 2 02:59:32 BST 2004

I wonder if any Rovernetters in North America (or particularly 
Canada) have a usable pair of front Macpherson struts for a 1980 
SD-1.  The ones on my son's car are really, really bad, to the point 
where even a small bump sets off some pretty fierce oscillations.  
We could get a new pair from Rimmer Bros. but what with the 
shipping and customs charges, we figure it would cost more than 
the car is worth.  If some kind soul has a set off a parts car, we'd be 
happy to to take them off your hands for a reasonable figure.

I give my son a lot of credit for wanting to run his SD-1 as a daily 
driver all year round; it's been on the road for about a year and a 
half now, and considering he paid only $500 for it (although we've 
probably put another $2000 into it) it's still been a pretty good deal.  
But I fear unless we can find a set of struts, it may be the end of the 
line for the Black Beast....

All help, suggestions, etc, most gratefully appreciated!


 -- Bill Daddis

Aurora, Ontario, Canada
The Toronto Area Rover Club

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