[ROVERNET - UK] Tachometer and electronic ignigition P6

Damien koffee at iprimus.com.au
Fri Jul 2 03:36:47 BST 2004

Hi I was wondering if this is usual. The 3500S I recently acquired has
electronic ignition (not sure of the brand) but either the tachometer
isn=92t working or this motor loves revs it seems to stay up in the 6000 =
range as soon as I get over about quarter throttle. But my gut feeling
says it is the tacho is stuffed and not the engine being just too good
lol. Now is it the gauge or the electronic ignition. If it is the latter
how can I fix it? The gauge has 3 connections coming out of the back of
it, the only other one I have has 2 connections. Please help me as the
swinging needle is driving me mad


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