[ROVERNET - UK] Tachometer and electronic ignigition P6

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
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Tachs in 2000s and P6Bs are full coil current impulse driven, ie. they rely
on full coil current being passed through the tach.  They are actually a
transformer that measures the number of current transitions per second.
The tach wire for the 2000 is in line with the distributor points, to the
An electronic ignition Usually results in much lower current through the
points, or the points being replaced altogether with a Hall effect of
inductive pickup.  This results in the tacho not working, usually it winds
up at 0 with occasional displays of 500rpm (in my TC this was the norm).
If it is overreading it indicates that the coil current is higher.  I'd need
to know a lot more about the setup - does the new ignition have a different
coil to the original?


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Dear Damien:
I installed an electronic ignition into my 1969 RoverTC2000 recently and
had trouble with the tachometer immediately. Eventually, I found out
that the tach has to be re-programmed after the electronic ignition was
installed. It's now OK.
Hope this helps.
Best regards,

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