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The best way to release a stuck clutch safely is to jack up both rear
wheels.  Start the engine in gear, raise the idle with the choke, press in
the clutch and then press the brake on and off with swift and sudden
aplications.  If this does not work, then you have to find a large clear
space (eg car park late one night).  Warm up the enging in neutral.  Stop
the engine and engage 1st.  Release the handbrake and start the car in gear
and go for a drive using the brakes to keep control.  Press the clutch in
and use the accelerator put alternative pressure acceleration and de
accleration on the clutch and the flywheel in a rocking motion.  It sounds
gastly and dramatic but the procedure will free the most stubborn clutch.
When it is free, have a stiff drink but stay uinder the limit.  Press the
brake, engage first and let the clutch begin to take up so as to remove any
traces of rust etc.  Drive home and have another stiff drink.
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> Hi Tom
>          Sounds like the clutch disc is stuck to the fly wheel. I had
> the same problem with a TC that had sat idle for several years. I
> managed to free it by slipping a very thin knife blade in at the timing
> hole, you can turn the fly wheel over with a large screw driver, and you
> will see parts of the pressure plate where you can pass the knife thru.
> Do this all the way around,  be careful not to damage the disc and
> hopefully it will release . Mine didn't release immediately, so I put
> the car in reverse and backed up using the starter, it came free almost
> right away. Hope this helps
>                                            Ben
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