[ROVERNET - UK] She won't budge...

Michael Pellow mp349 at ww.co.nz
Wed Jul 7 06:23:01 BST 2004

 Another way to fee the clutch .It requires a couple of people,a trolly jack
and a reasonable ammount of room.
warm up the moter.Jack up the car,chock the front wheels at the back so the
car wont roll backwards.Jack up the car on the diff till the wheels are off
the ground.Start the car in gear ,and with the moter runing at a fast
idle,the clutch pressed in, drop the car onto the ground.It either frees the
clutch or takes off with a hiss & a roar keep the clutch in and,as the rear
wheels go over the blocks used to the chock the front wheels it frees up the
clutch.As soon as the clutch frees let it slip for a few seconds to burn off
the rust that caused the clutch plate to stick on. Crude I know but this has
worked on a P4 & a couple of  P5's .I needed a chock at my place as my
driveway is uphill  and when the car drove over the piece of 4x2 it worked !

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