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If the car has been sitting a long time in damp conditions, the clutch could
be rusted to the flywheel.I will tell you PART  of the trade secret method
of the 4 hour XKE clutch job, which should work on a Rover, and save you 10
hours.Using a 2": holesaw, drill a hole in the bottom of the bellhousing.I
don't know, but Iwould guess the center should be 2" from the front,leaving
you 1" of metal forward of the hole(After doing this, please confirm
distances for future users.). It must be far enough back to reach the bolts
holding the pressure plate.Loosen them slightly, turning the flywheel to
loosen then evenly, about1/4 inch.If they are short, you must remove each
bolt one at a time, and replace with a longer bolt. Do not unbolt the
clutch. With the pressure released, slip a spatula, or thin knife or hacksaw
blade between disc and flywheel , turning the flywheel until the disc is
free. Rebolt,evenly as before, turning the flywheel. Put a rubber plug in
the hole, and drive the car. James Dean, Ft Lauderdale, Phone 1954JAGUARS
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> Hello all,
> You may remember I asked about the location of the clutch fluid reservoir
> my 69 2000 TC recently.  Well the reason was, and still is, that my TC
> start and idle fine but when I attempt to put it into gear smoke bellows
> of the exhaust and the gears will not engage.  It will usually stall out
> I try this more than 2 or 3 times.  At first I thought the fluid was dry,
> but if it is shared with the brake fluid then no.  I replaced the slave
> cylinder rubber 7 or 8 years ago.  And of course when the car is not
> I can run through all the gears.  The clutch pedal feels good and and does
> not sink to the floor or not return back.
> What can you "Scions of Rover" tell me that would help (harm is never
> Thanks always,
> Tom Clemen
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