[ROVERNET - UK] What does this bit do?

Damien koffee at iprimus.com.au
Mon Jul 5 10:12:44 BST 2004

Hi my fun and games with my new 3500S goes on. One of the previous
owners liked doing allsorts of things with the wiring. He installed an
immobiler/ alarm at some point and kindly took the name off the alarm
module and what ever so no idea where to start with tracking down the
wiring diagram for it.
Well my problem is two fold
1) The taillights are very dim as there seems to be only 6 volts going
to them. The blinker relay has 12 volts going in and only 6 volts coming
out. Is this normal?
2) There is another flasher relay behind the glove box it has 3
terminals. By the look one is a dual wire going to earth (black) and 2
other wire (best I can tell brown and brown with yellow tracer. The
brown ones he has cut and joined together. Any idea what this relay does
or did?



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