[ROVERNET - UK] What does this bit do?

John Atkin john at atkin4174.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Jul 5 14:59:07 BST 2004

Does the vehicle have a tow-ball? It might be something to do with that, if
so. As to the dimness of the tail lights, I would suspect an earth fault
somewhere. Check all the earth(ground) terminals near the rear lamp cluster.
best wishes
John Atkin
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> Hi my fun and games with my new 3500S goes on. One of the previous
> owners liked doing allsorts of things with the wiring. He installed an
> immobiler/ alarm at some point and kindly took the name off the alarm
> module and what ever so no idea where to start with tracking down the
> wiring diagram for it.
> Well my problem is two fold
> 1) The taillights are very dim as there seems to be only 6 volts going
> to them. The blinker relay has 12 volts going in and only 6 volts coming
> out. Is this normal?
> 2) There is another flasher relay behind the glove box it has 3
> terminals. By the look one is a dual wire going to earth (black) and 2
> other wire (best I can tell brown and brown with yellow tracer. The
> brown ones he has cut and joined together. Any idea what this relay does
> or did?
> Thanks
> Damien
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