[ROVERNET - UK] Message from David Walter

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 6 02:57:16 BST 2004

This message is posted for David Walter who can read
Rovernet messages but can't send due to trouble
arranging for Plain Text messages:


Hello Rovernetters,
I apologize if this is a repeat message. I think my
first attempt to send this message did not work.
I'm an American planning a trip to England and
Scotland (and maybe Ireland) in July, and would
appreciate advice on great Rover pilgrimage sites (or
events that month). I'm a P6 buff, but would be
interested in anything Rover-related.
And in case I dare to try driving, are there
recommended rental companies that regularly rent
Rovers, especially the Rover 75?
Thank you,

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