[ROVERNET - UK] Message from David Walter

Linda & Ben Rodgers rodgl at pei.sympatico.ca
Tue Jul 6 12:44:10 BST 2004

Hi David
          We just returned from the UK in April, I offer the following
comments. Car rental, we rented from Europecar, a very small Daewoo
sedan, easy on gas, which is expensive. I did ask about a Rover, they
said they didn't use them, not reliable?? However you can find companies
that do rent the Rover 75, I talked to a chap with a rental one.
I recommend a visit to the transport museum in Coventry, its even free,
and also the Gaydon museum, we took an off road trip in a long wheel
base Land Rover on the Gaydon site, it was a great experience. Both
museums are in the same area, perhaps 50-75 miles apart.
Money is a bit of a problem, England is sterling, Ireland its Euro's in
the south and North its sterling,but printed different than the english
money. Trying to use it in England is sometimes a problem and we ended
up with alot of useless coins. Many people refuse travellers cheques,
and in one bank they actuall charge me to cash them. B&B's rarely take
anything but cash, no credit cards! and they run around 50 GBP's per
Pub food is usually good and reasonable in price, but if you are
watching your weight, you'll find it very difficult in the UK, a full
English breakfast is eggs bacon sausage tomato fried spuds toast etc.
When we opted for cereal and toast only, got some funny looks!! Anyway
these are a few thoughts to consider, have a great vacation.

Regards Ben

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