[ROVERNET - UK] P4 Clutch & P6 Dynamo

Paul Smith vmi2148 at bigpond.net.au
Tue Jul 13 09:37:04 BST 2004

The field connection on the generator should have a small resistance to
It sounds to me like your RB340 control box is the problem.  I have had
problems with them in times past; the best solution is an alternator!
At 1500rpm you should get over 14 volts out of the generator.
The best description of how to set up a Lucas control box is in the P4
workshop manual.


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> Can anyone help me with the following please?
> P4 Question
> On travelling back from Ragley Hall (good day out) the clutch on my P4 90
> started giving up the ghost and it became increasingly difficult to change
> gear. As I had to free the clutch quite brutally (and I have had an
> of 'judder' ever since) when I got the car and the previous owner
> he had never fitted one (so it's done 40,000 miles)I reckon it's
> to assume it's had it! My question is I have managed to cross-reference
> original part numbers to the following, Clutch kit 591705 & Bearing
> Can anyone CONFIRM these part numbers will fit on a P4 90? My reason for
> asking is they are 'good' Land Rover numbers and are therefore available
> through the Land Rover specialists, which as we know tend to be cheaper.
> this case about £62 inc VAT + delivery)
> P6 Question
> The ign light on my '64 car is staying on. By joining the field
> leads together and using a voltmeter I can only get about 11.5 volts at
> about 15-1800 revs. The brushes seem ok but a continuity test between the
> field coil terminal and earth gives me a reading, is this OK? Any other
> tests I can do to check the armature? I have a combined volt/ohm/ammeter.
> Thanks in anticipation.
> Alan Francis (Part Viking)
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