Linda & Ben Rodgers rodgl at pei.sympatico.ca
Tue Jul 20 02:23:12 BST 2004

Hi Bill
        I read Ron's glowing report on his SD1 and thought I'd add my
comments.  Memory is a little rusty as I purchased my 1979 SDI in the
mid eighties and only kept it a year.. I agree that its a wonderful car
to drive and very nice to look at. However it let me down more times
than I care to remember. Mostly electrical faults, mainly in the
ignition. There were times when it would just quit for no obvious
reason, and refuse to start. This happened once out of town, the next
morning I had it towed to a garage, we pushed it into a bay, the
mechanic sat in it and it started??? Rust was also a problem, my car
wasn't very old but already showing signs of rust, perhaps in better
climates its not an issue??
My door locks were problem-matic too, particularly the hatchback.
Besides this I have read on Rovernet several times were front sub frame
bolts break and misalign the car.
In my honest and humble opinion a 1970 P6B is a far better buy. Having
said all that, its fair to ad that today with the great value of
rovernet many of my problems might have been more easily solved. Back
then with no computer or email I was on my own,  only the workshop
manual to refer to.
                Good luck whatever you decide, but be careful not to pay
too much, very difficult to resell later.


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