[ROVERNET - UK] inertia seat belts

n1zr at excite.com n1zr at excite.com
Tue Jul 27 13:51:57 BST 2004

Ahoy, I avoid Leyland-era inertia seat belts with passion. 

A childhood friend of mine burned to death in his TR-7 back in its production years. He had skiddered on black ice and into a curb rail in highway traffic. Nothing huge, so he was able to pull curbside to assess damage. But he could not unclip his bloody belt snap nor would it unreel. Other motorists pulled over to offer assistance, and then the smoke began pouring out from under the bonnet. They could do nothing but watch. Horrible. 

One of the first things I did after taking delivery of my Europa recently was to toss its inertia belts. I assume they were from the Leyland bin. The three-point belts I use instead aren't original for this 1972 car, but at least I'm around to say why....Paul, Jefferson, Maine, USA

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