[ROVERNET - UK] Hello, slight problem re-fitting my windshield

Morag Bellingham bellinghammorag at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 27 15:18:27 BST 2004

My name is Morag, and I am new to this list.
Recently I realised my dream of Rover ownership with a delightful Rover p5b 
Unfortunately, this car is in quite a state. It has some slight smoking 
coming from the rear wheels on braking, apparently this could be the 
'drums'? I don't know why since i topped them up with fluid all the time to 
prevent the ball shafts and so forth from siezing whilst the car is in 
In any case there is also a slight problem where we are getitng the sparks 
emanating from the rear of the dynamo on start up. My partner has suggested 
that this could be the dynamo short circuiting as someone has used wire to 
hold it strapped to the engine, and appears to have breached the fundamental 
earthing elements of the armature brushings.
Please, your help is appreciated.

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