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If you want a new short engine (block, pistons, crank) try Rovertech in
Perth 0893770080. They were importing direct from Rover in the UK and I
found them to be the cheapest local source. You should be able to get a
new high comp (9.3:1) 4.0 litre cross bolted block for under AUD4000, a
little less maybe for a low comp one. They'll freight overnight to
anywhere in Oz.

Otherwise if you want a used 3.9 (or 4.0) block any Land Rover/RR
wrecker should be able to assist you, although they may prefer to sell
the complete motor including the heads. I would imagine a cost of around
the AUD1000 to 1500 for a good complete unit out of a Discovery. If they
will sell you the block alone perhaps 600 -800. There are lots of LR/4x4
wreckers about - have a look in the 4x4 vendor mags at your local
newsagent - 'Just 4x4s' etc - many of the dealers advertise in these.


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We have just purchased a 1974 3500S with 5 speed Rover
box. What a blast! But we must make it go faster.
Where in Australia can we find an innexpensive 3.9
litre block?

Thank you,
Herbert & Roger

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