[ROVERNET - UK] P6B - Rear Brakes removal

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Is the cover over the top of the nut or is it a safety keeper that is under
the nut and then bent upward to keep it from vibrating loose? If the latter,
then use a punch or chisel to bend the portions back to flat out of the way.

If the former and you have already tried penetrating oil, etc., you might
want to try a little heat. Use a propane torch for a few seconds or minutes
and then try the wrench while it is still expanded. The heat will expand the
nut before it does the bolt as you are applying the heat from the exterior.
Move quickly before the heat transfers to the bolt.

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Dear Rovernetters,

I am in the process of dismantling my spare car and am presently
attempting to remove the rear calipers. I have removed the pads (as per
the ROM) but the hinge pin assembly is causing me problems. I have
removed the rear nut but the front one (facing to the middle of the car)
will not budge. The nut itself appears to be approx. 15/16 in or 24mm
but it also appears to have some sort of cover over it bent over on all
sides - sort of shaped over the nut. The car is a 1976 model. Has anyone
had any similar experiences? Or does anyone have any tips on how to get
it off? I'd be very grateful.


Ray Wilkins

1976 P6B

Melbourne, Australia

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