Mike Shaddick mikshdik at ozemail.com.au
Wed Jul 28 22:40:39 BST 2004

>I agree the P6B is the best.  I have 2 71 PB6B's. and a Citroen
>CX25GTi. Its a great car, but I wouldn't use it on a long trip. The Rover is
>less fatiguing on a long trip and surely more reliable.
 I had a CXie Familiale back in the eighties.  Can't say it was fatiguing
save for being stuffed with innumerable children.  We used to call it the
"camel" for the way it used to sit down at switch off.  It had a huge
(2.5l) four banger. Primitive, you might say, but it was very quiet and
chewed up those Swiss and French motorways at a comfortable (albeit
illegal) 180 - 200 kph for hour after hour.

Certainly my second favourite car.


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