[ROVERNET - UK] P6B - Rear Brakes removal

Fri Jul 30 16:41:55 BST 2004

Yesterday, after many attempts to remove the caliper assemblys, I finally
dropped the differental. This meant disconnecting the disk and associated
drive shafts. Then dropping the differental and drive shaft. It is easier
than it sounds. I now have the entire assembly on a low bench where I am
removing the caliper assemblys.
Have sprayed unit with a cleaning compound that is, as I watch removing all
the gunk that has attatched itself over the last 30 or so yrs. It is now
down to bare metal. The compound is called MEAN GREEN. Don't get any on any
paint. Also it you have any cuts or scratches on your hands wear gloves. It
won't kill you but it sure hurts.

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