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Hi Ben,

I think that I answered this on the new Yahoo thing, but here goes again. SU
fuel pumps are not polarity sensitive unless they have a condenser or diode
installed. They are nothing but an electro magnet working the diaphragm.
they can be hooked up either way. Even the polarity sensitive ones can be
reversed by reversing the diode or condenser. On a diode pump unsolder the
lugs and re-solder them onto the opposite wires. The lugs are different.

If the pump is not pumping check the valves. If they are reversed or stuck
it will not pump. They really are quite simple in operation. They can be
checked off of the vehicle by hooking them up to a battery and holding your
finger over the intake for suction and output for pressure. The pump should
slow down or stop when holding your finger over the output port. It will
then restart when you remove the finger.

Just ran a workshop on these things for my local MG club (Club T-MG) the
last Sat. in Feb. to cover installing diodes on older pumps. Had great
success, got several old pumps that had been around for many years working.

Vancouver, WA, USA
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> Hi Folk
>          I posted a message from Ray asking about fuel problems on his
> P5 Mk1 He installed a new pump, but it was neg ground, his car is pos so
> he reversed the wires and it doesn't work???
> Did anyone on the rovernet get my first posting of this message???
>                Ben
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