[ROVERNET - UK] Fw: 3500S parts car in upstate NY

Hank and Sally Manwell hdmanwell at alumni.bates.edu
Fri Jun 4 02:21:54 BST 2004

    Because some of the trim may be like our Series II '71 TCs, we may 
have some interest in a few bits.  It may also have window vent 
regulators like the Series II cars.  We're in Syracuse (Liverpool), so 
maybe it would be practical to cooperate with you in moving/dismantling 


Dan and Mary Ellen Suter wrote:

> Hello All,
> I've just received an opportunity to obtain a 1970 3500S Federal parts car
> here in upstate NY--Rochester.  Apparently this car is an original 31K-mile
> car with nice interior that has simply rusted beyond any chance of
> restoration.  It does have A/C and (was) green with black interior.
> Likely I will keep the engine, dashboard, and LHD steering.  Does anyone
> need anything?
> Best regards,
> Dan Suter
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