[ROVERNET - UK] Fw: 3500S parts car in upstate NY

James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Fri Jun 4 09:09:31 BST 2004

I have a solution forDan andMary Ellen Suter or someone else interested in
that car. I have a 1970 Federal3500S in Ft Lauderdale with NO RUST. It is
red but has had a set of green 2000 doors installed  with the narrow chrome
strip, and manual windows.I bought the car from another Florida Rover
fanatic who fitted an SD1 -5 speed gearbox and a rebuilt Range Rover engine
with a Holley 4 barrel carb.I was driving the car until one day the clutch
malfunctioned, I parked it and drove my 2000TC.The  original exhaust passes
close to the slave cylinder and may have caused the problem. It needs a heat
shield fitted or better yet, Fit a dual exhaust that does not go near the
clutch slave. Brakes are good, done by the previous owner, The AC
evaporator/heater box is missing. I may have one, but the best solution is
use their unmolested car. I may also havesome 3500S electric doors ,but we
removed some parts to put the last 3500S together, so I suggest using that
original car's vital organs.My car is an absolute Rocket. It has a 2000
bonnet(I have an original or use that one, So probably weighs 300 pounds
less than original, with no  window motors, door beams,etc.Interior is cream
color, though I would rather keep that, if they have the black one they will
need the door panels when they change the doors. You can fit 3500S motors to
2000 doors, but it is a lot of work, and easier to leave the door beam out.
I have a contact that makes weekly runs from Miami to Buffalowith a car
carrier, at reasonable cost. I want $6000 for my 3500S-Very fair when you
price rebuilding a rusty one, or fitting the 5speed.I also have for sale a
1968RHD P5B, with factory air and no engine or trans, that belonged to Sir
Robert McAlpine,for$1500. It has rust but is restorable. A good home for
their engine. I would suggest they find storage and keep their whole parts
car- When you break them up, you always need some little thing that was
scrapped.. I ship Worldwide, if someone wants to buy theirs and mine and
have me arrange the shipping.James Dean.812 NW 8th Avenue Ft. Lauderdale.
Fl,33311.Phone 1 954 524 8277, email jaguru at bellsouth.net
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Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] Fw: 3500S parts car in upstate NY

>  Hello All,
>  I've just received an opportunity to obtain a 1970 3500S Federal parts
>  here in upstate NY--Rochester.  Apparently this car is an original
>  car with nice interior that has simply rusted beyond any chance of
>  restoration.  It does have A/C and (was) green with black interior.
>  Likely I will keep the engine, dashboard, and LHD steering.  Does anyone
>  need anything?
>  Best regards,
>  Dan Suter
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