[ROVERNET - UK] p6/3500v8 question

Kent Kinard kkinard at swbell.net
Sat Jun 5 00:21:53 BST 2004

OK, Guys, I can do this one.

Hi Martin,
If you are planning to put a V8 in a 4cylinder P6 base unit, the short 
answer is "you can't".  Actually, you can, but the proceedure is one 
that requires a LOT of cutting and welding and you will need an entire 
front end of a P6B base unit to graft onto the P6 base unit.  The rear 
mounting points for the lower trailing links are too close together and 
too long to accomodate the V8 bellhousing and starter.  The front 
crossmember is different and the 4cylinder engine mounting points must 
be cut away. The transmission tunnel in the area of the firewall is too 
small.  All that being said, if you do have a good front end from a p6B 
base unit, it can be done.  But good P6B's are so cheap, why would you 
want to do all that work?

You can mount the V8 further forward or further back but there are even 
more difficulties involved.

Now if you are game so far, the Buick bellhousing and 4spd trans can be 
made to work in a P6B but a better choice would be a T-5, T-50 or Tremec 
five speed, any of which will fit the Buick/Olds four speed bellhousing. 
  The Buick/Olds three speed bellhousing was made for a Borg Warner T-86 
three speed trans and requires an adapter plate to use a modern trans of 
any sort.  The trans used in the 3500S stick shift cars was a beefed up 
P6 unit which is almost unknown in North America.  The SD1 3500 used an 
LT77 five speed and these are becoming hard to find in good condition 
and are getting more expensive to rebuild. Neither the Buick nor the 
Olds automatic used '61-'63 is worth considering.  All the above 
transmissions except the OEM Rover units will require driveshaft 
modification.  Assuming you get all this bolted into your P6, you will 
also have to change the differential to the V8 type and change the rear 
trailing links to the "bent" V8 type.

Good question, though, since most folks assume that because P6 and P6B 
look alike, that the V8 is an easy swap.\

Kent K.

Dombroski, Martin wrote:
> I know that the 3500 model uses a V8 derived from a Buick?? Has
> anyone ever done a standard trans convert using a Buick tranny from a
> 60's Buick model? (Skylark etc???). or what tranny do the few 3500's
> (standards) use? I am considering installing this into a P6 with a
> 3500 as a donor..
> Martin Dombroski NH USA
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