[ROVERNET - UK] p6/3500v8 question

James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Sat Jun 5 05:20:18 BST 2004

I seemto have trouble posting, hopefully the site problem is solved. I
offerred this to the 3500S owners in Rochester, as it would be ideal for
them as well.Instead of re-inventing the wheel, buy my 1970Federal 3500S. It
is a red rustfree car that needs paint,which has had rustfree green 2000
doors installed. It has a 2000 bonnet, so the car is lighter and very fast.
I have 3500S doors and bonnet, if you need them.Best option is buy the
Rochester rustbucket, it sounds reasonable, and my AC evaporator is
missing.It has a rebuilt Rangerover engine, and an SD1 5Speed.Brakes have
been done, but a clutch hydraulic problem made me park it and drive
my2000TC.(All above work was done by the previous owner, I bought it that
way.)It is $6000, it would cost you more than that toconvert a 3500S
automatic and do slight rust repair on a Northern car. This was a Palm Beach
car and I am in Ft. Lauderdale. If you were considering a V8 into a 4
cylinder car,leave it toLegendary factory prototypes-too much to change.I
drove a cobbled together TR7 with a Rover or Olds215, and a GM 4speed, It
shifted like a truck; no comparison to a smooth TR8 or Rover SD1. James
Dean, Ft Lauderdale. Phone 1954JAGUARS,email jaguru at bellsouth.net
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I know that the 3500 model uses a V8 derived from a Buick?? Has anyone ever
done a standard trans convert using a Buick tranny from a 60's Buick model?
(Skylark etc???). or what tranny do the few 3500's (standards) use? I am
considering installing this into a P6 with a 3500 as a donor..

Martin Dombroski

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