[ROVERNET - UK] rostyle wheels

Stephen Beer stephen at beerinc.com
Fri Jun 11 13:37:25 BST 2004

Rostyles are steel with chrome and black painted detail -- almost 
exactly like a Magnum 500 with a different bolt pattern and hole size. 
Handsome wheel. Sets off the P6 perfectly -- not to be confused with the 
Rostyle wheel covers which look '70s American lounge lizard. Magstars 
are aluminum bolted to a steel rim with five "spokes". The aluminum 
"star" sticks out proud of the rim on the side axis. Looks period. An 
aquired taste. I have a set of four Magstars I would part with sans 
center caps.

Stephen Beer

Larry wrote:

>Eric and Fritz,
>    Thanks for the info concerning the decals. Can someone tell me the
>difference between rostyle wheels and magstar wheels. Eric, are your wheels
>on your cars the rostyle type? Thanks, Larry
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