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Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Mon Jun 14 01:26:00 BST 2004

>On one car, I have Rostyle wheels. They are steel
>wheels, chrome plated, with black accents, and a hole
>in the centre for a hub cap such as that installed on
>similar MGB wheels.
>The Magstar wheels are either Magnesium or Aluminum
>sections (up for debate) riveted onto a steel wheel
>which carries the tire.

They are aluminum, at least in every example I have ever seen.

>The hub is pot metal chrome
>plated in two parts.  The second part is a steel
>pressing which screws onto the hub from the inside of
>the wheel (better thief protection).  The front
>surface is flat and has a large Rover motif fixed to a
>flat surface (motif in black with gold as the colour
>on the Rostyle hub).

Having just acquired a decent set of Magstars, I'm on the lookout for 
three replacement hubcaps as three of mine are in rough shape. 
Anybody have any extras?

>The Magstar hub can use the
>decals but I would first spray the inside of the hub
>centre in black gloss paint before applying the decal
>as the decal is smaller than the original.  The black
>on black would be a good camouflage.
>Hope that helps.
>--- Larry <lewill at ctcweb.net> wrote:
>>  Eric and Fritz,
>>      Thanks for the info concerning the decals. Can
>>  someone tell me the
>>  difference between rostyle wheels and magstar
>>  wheels. Eric, are your wheels
>>  on your cars the rostyle type? Thanks, Larry
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