[ROVERNET - UK] 3500 transmission questions

Phil philhodge at northsound.net
Sat Jun 12 16:52:44 BST 2004

Well, in a fit of foolishness, I bought a 3500S as a second car. I decided
that the 2000TC restoration may be years off and I really needed a
dependable daily driver (humm, you ask, why did I buy...). Never having
owned an automatic Rover, I now have a few questions (OK, a whole lot of
questions, but I'll start with a few). 
First, what type of tranny fluid am I supposed to use in a 1970 3500S
transmission? None of the local auto parts dealers could cross reference
the fluids in the manual. Secondly, do they shift smoothly when operating
properly or will they always bump into gear and finally, is there a good
source for tranny pan gaskets and filters? 

Washington, US
1967 2000TC
1970 3500S

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