[ROVERNET - UK] manifold madness

Alan Gale agale at ihug.com.au
Sat Jun 12 17:24:10 BST 2004

It's two in the morning and i have paused with frustration.  Am in the 
middle of removing the heads off the P6 so they can be overhauled while 
i fit new rings this week.

The lh rear exhaust manifold stud on my P6 is so cramped that it is 
impossible to remove .... any hints?  Evem my sneaky bent ring spanner 
which fixes most of these tight ones does not get in there.
I have the head off the rh side of the engine .... plenty of room all 
around the manifold and the head studs there.
But the lh side is squashed up hard against the chassis rail, etc.

Any thoughts?  am thinking of undoing the engine mounts and jacking up 
the engine to get some clearance.  Any other thoughts from those who 
have been through this?  and don't say "remove the engine" - that is not 
an option, tho i fear it may become one.  I cannot think of another way 
of getting at these studs. 

Putting them all back is going to be worse.

alan gale

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