[ROVERNET - UK] bearing noise in noisy gearboxes

Mike Shaddick mikshdik at ozemail.com.au
Sun Jun 13 03:44:23 BST 2004

I am happy that my favourite gossip shop is up and running again.  Can I
repeat my earlier question about Teflon additives to keep my manual P6B
gearbox quiet.

As you know, I am on my third P6B manual gearbox.  I believe that this
present box is not long for this world.  The main input bearing,
especially, makes its presence felt.  The box is filled with HPR30, which
is a semi synthetic SAE 20 - 60.

My question is this.  On the market are several Teflon additives which
promise to shut up noisy engines and gearboxes.  Can I safely use one of
these additives without compromising the already limited (INMHO) lifespan
of the box?

Vern has advised against us ing SAE  90.  The HPR 30 is a SAE 20 /60
semisynthetic (whatever that means).  The book suggests a SAE 20 /50. In
many ways, a Teflon additive to the box should be like a Beta Blocker for
old geezers like myself.  The question is, does it work, especially in
boxes that are on borrowed time? Were I to be adventurous, TQF hydraulic
oil has been another suggested possibility, but all I want is to get the
bearings to shut up.


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