[ROVERNET - UK] bearing noise in noisy gearboxes

Alan Gale agale at ihug.com.au
Sun Jun 13 03:51:29 BST 2004

Mike -

My gearbox was rebuilt in 1997 by John Needham, who is well known to 
vintage drivers ... he recommended plain engine oil, but stressed the 
need to change it regularly and watch the level incessantly, both of 
which I have done.
The car has done around 40,000 miles since then and the box is running 
sweetly.  It is the engine which has cuased problems instead (see 
earlier posts about head removals).
I think the reason is a combination of John's excellent work in the 
first place (and his installation of reinforced bearings) and the 
continued plenteous supply of clean oil.  

Of course it could also be sheer good luck.


Mike Shaddick wrote:

>I am happy that my favourite gossip shop is up and running again.  Can I
>repeat my earlier question about Teflon additives to keep my manual P6B
>gearbox quiet.
>As you know, I am on my third P6B manual gearbox.  I believe that this
>present box is not long for this world.  The main input bearing,
>especially, makes its presence felt.  The box is filled with HPR30, which
>is a semi synthetic SAE 20 - 60.
>My question is this.  On the market are several Teflon additives which
>promise to shut up noisy engines and gearboxes.  Can I safely use one of
>these additives without compromising the already limited (INMHO) lifespan
>of the box?
>Vern has advised against us ing SAE  90.  The HPR 30 is a SAE 20 /60
>semisynthetic (whatever that means).  The book suggests a SAE 20 /50. In
>many ways, a Teflon additive to the box should be like a Beta Blocker for
>old geezers like myself.  The question is, does it work, especially in
>boxes that are on borrowed time? Were I to be adventurous, TQF hydraulic
>oil has been another suggested possibility, but all I want is to get the
>bearings to shut up.
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