[ROVERNET - UK] Rovernet Back-Up List

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 13 18:22:24 BST 2004

With the Rovernet server crash still in our memories,
I want to build the back-up list for emergencies.
I don't want to just stuff people's address on a list
as that is very Spam-like.  If you would like to be
included on a back-up list, then send a message to me
at: <p6rovers at yahoo.com> with a message such as
"Include me on the back-up list."  If you were one of
those people sitting at your computer wondering what
happened to the Rovernet, a while back, this message
is for you!

I will put your name on the
<Rover_net at yahoogroups.com" list.
I will select "nomail" so you don't have to be worried
about duplicates or Spam.  The list requires me to
sign someone up rather than anyone to join.
I can post pictures for people on the group website
(although you would have to have a Yahoo email ID to
see them). If the main server went down again (2 times
already, unfortunately), I can switch everyone to mail
and tell them about the late, breaking, news.  The
Yahoogroups provides with an opportunity to download
the email addresses of the group.  If the Rovernet -
UK list crashed and lost membership names, I can
reconstruct with the Yahoo back-up list.

If you would like to be on the back-up, send me a
private email rather than bombing the list. 
Thirty-one of you are already on the list so you don't
have to bother.



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