[ROVERNET - UK] Those wonderful rear calipers...

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Mon Jun 14 23:38:53 BST 2004

I changed the front diff mount on Saturday, to get the exhaust pipe mount
that the later ones have.  Found out that later mounting brackets have the
rubber mount 12mm further to the right.
While I was there (grunt, shove etc) I checked the handbrake actuators since
it had slowly been requiring more clicks... the right caliper was at full
travel.  Oh well.
Thanks to the Queen I had yesterday off, so the caliper came out (with
difficulty) using the halfshaft and disc out method.  The pointy bit wasn't
contacting the toothed wheel at all, so I stuck a spare in and away it went.
Yes the beam was the correct way around.  I'm getting very speedy at
reconstructing these calipers.

However, the tab washers on the halfshaft have died.  I tried split washers
last time, but they were Not happy this time, having dug in to the bolt head
they got stuck and self destructed when I torqued it.
I'm now trying flat washers.  Anyone else tried this approach?


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