[ROVERNET - UK] Those wonderful rear calipers...

Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Tue Jun 15 00:46:46 BST 2004

>I changed the front diff mount on Saturday, to get the exhaust pipe mount
>that the later ones have.  Found out that later mounting brackets have the
>rubber mount 12mm further to the right.
>While I was there (grunt, shove etc) I checked the handbrake actuators since
>it had slowly been requiring more clicks... the right caliper was at full
>travel.  Oh well.
>Thanks to the Queen I had yesterday off, so the caliper came out (with
>difficulty) using the halfshaft and disc out method.  The pointy bit wasn't
>contacting the toothed wheel at all, so I stuck a spare in and away it went.
>Yes the beam was the correct way around.  I'm getting very speedy at
>reconstructing these calipers.
>However, the tab washers on the halfshaft have died.  I tried split washers
>last time, but they were Not happy this time, having dug in to the bolt head
>they got stuck and self destructed when I torqued it.
>I'm now trying flat washers.  Anyone else tried this approach?
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For the half shaft bolts, I just put a drop of red locktite on the 
threads, not too much or you'll have the devil of a time removing 
them later. I have also just tightened them to the correct torque and 
haven't had one ever come loose, but then I've never had a bad 
vibration to work them loose again.

As a third alternative, you could alway whip youself up a set out of 
lock plates out of 16GA sheet. Be a lovely project to while away the 

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