[ROVERNET - UK] Drive shaft vibration

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You can check for out of balance by putting the car on jack stands and
running it at the vibration speed while someone holds a piece of chalk near
the suspected problem, such as the drive shaft. If it is out of balance it
will throw the heavy portion off center and will then leave a chalk mark
where it is heavy. Put something like a large radiator hose clamp with the
head opposite this mark and try again. It is actually better to use two of
them and gradually spread the heads in opposite direction until balance is
achieved. If nothing else using the chalk on the shaft will give you an out
of balance or bent indication if that is the problem. If not, then you have
easily eliminated one item.

Vancouver, WA, USA

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> Rovernetters
> A few months ago there was an address on this net for
> a paper on vibration diagnosis which I printed.   My
> car has a vibration and today I took off the back
> wheels and drums and ran up to the vibration speed as
> was suggested.   There was enough vibration to shake
> the steering wheel.   Can any netters suggest how I
> can check the angles of the u-joints without an
> inclinometer?
> All suggestions will be welcome.  Thank you an
> advance.
> David Gatrell
> 1965 P-5 MkIIc
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