[ROVERNET - UK] more on shaft vibration

Gatrell David drnaramata at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 19 19:33:54 BST 2004

Thank you for your answers to my enquiry.   The
bearings do not have any play that I can feel.   Chalk
marks on the shafts at an indicated 30 mph go all
around the shafts and that is the speed where the
steering wheel shakes most.   At engine idle speed the
front of the front shaft has a high spot.   The rear
shaft has high spots at each end and they are about 90
degrees apart.   The centre bearing looks O.K. and

Can anyone tell me if I did a bad thing when I changed
the automatic transmission fluid.   The rear
transmission mount had to come off to get the pan off.
 When I tried to reinstall the mount the transmission
was nearly half an inch too high and I could not see
why.   To get it down I put shims under the two front
engine mounts.   That got the transmission mount in
place but the rocker cover touched the heater box.  
So now there is just under 1/8" of shims under the
front mounts and just over 1/8" of shims above the
transmission mount.   I wonder if that is enough of a
change to cause the vibration?   Also.   Is it normal
for the yokes on the front drive shaft to be at 90
degrees to each other?   The manual I have shows them
in line.

Again - all suggestions will be welcome.   Thank you. 

1965 P-5 Mk IIc

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