[ROVERNET - UK] Drive shaft vibration

Gatrell David drnaramata at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 23 00:57:33 BST 2004

Thank you to all of the netters who replied to my
question.  I have checked out all the things suggested
except the one on a bent wheel.  I can't drive the car
at this time as it is not insured for the road.   My
collector plate has been on order for a while and I
expect it in a week.  
Because I cannot measure the u-joint angle I decided
to take  out the shims under the front mounts and put
more shims above the rear trans mount. With the wheels
and drums off I ran up to 30 mph, [the worst speed]
and it seemed not to vibrate nearly so much. When I
get the plate and insurance I will be able to judge it
on the road.   Again, thank you.
1965 P-5 Mk llc

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