2000TC 10-11 mpg (was Re: [ROVERNET - UK] Long winded diatribe on profiling SU needles)

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Thu Nov 25 12:12:00 GMT 2004


If I'm remembering correctly, your car is a Federal car with HS8 carbs.  
Could one of the jets be sticking in a lower (richer) position after the 
cold start knob is pushed back in?  Check to see if you can lift the jet 
up against the linkage.  Or maybe some part of the cold start linkage or 
one of the cables is not returning all the way. 

It might be worthwhile to start from the beginning of the shop manual 
procedure to tune the carbs -- this way you know the jet is starting out 
close to where it should be before making adjustments.

I'm assuming that the floats are floating and the needle valves are OK 
-- I think if they weren't you would see gasoline dripping from the 
bottom of one or both jets.


Philip Clendaniel wrote:

>This post was timely for me due to my current fuel consumption situation.
>However, I suspect that the problem I'm having needs more of a sledge hammer
>approach.  After repeated attempts at mixture/idle speed adjustment, I'm
>only getting 10-11 mpg.  Idle is smooth, but starting a warm engine is
>difficult, indicating a rich mixture.  But attempts to lean out the mixture
>result in extremely rough idle, to the point of stalling.
>Also, the piston-lift method of checking the mixture doesn't seem to work as
>expected; rather than the slight speed-up you would normally get with a rich
>mixture, I get no change in engine speed, either up or down.
>Given the current inflated price of gasoline, any suggestions as to how to
>approach this (short of a complete carb rebuild) will be greatly
>Philip Clendaniel
>1968 2000TC (converted to 2200)
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