[ROVERNET - UK] Cautionary tale on car advertising

Peter Huttemeier peterhut at melbpc.org.au
Wed Sep 1 03:53:43 BST 2004

As a service to our members and non members who advertise in our
magazines, we have earlier this year also started putting
advertisements on the RCCA web pages (where the advertiser requests

One of our members has told me that she was nearly
scammed by a potential buyer in the UK.  He agreed to purchase the car
and she was thrilled at the thought that the P6B would be "going
home".  Unfortunately, the guy stuffed around for a month and
eventually sent a US$10,000 cheque which included costs for shipping.
The cheque was counterfeit! 

It probably may cause us to reconsider if we should in fact put car
advertisements on the web.


Peter H

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