[ROVERNET - UK] Scammers,Counterfeit cashier's checks,et al

James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Wed Sep 1 05:30:06 BST 2004

I advertise  parts on several Classic car sites, Trying to resolve 30 years
of CompulsiveHoarding, in my British Car business. Since my Email address
is  available to the world, I deal daily with people trying to defraud me.
Some tips; Delete as unread anything from Nigeria. Fraud is a  major
industry,there, with no legal recourse. availableThe same  solution for any
solicitor or bank manager who wants to send a few million to your account
from a dormant account of a deceased Engineer with your last name. If you
did not enter a lottery, you did not win one-A very smooth operation, they
will wire you your winnings, they say, if you pay the wire fee, of $6,000,
or will bring it in in a diplomatic pouch, in cash, if you pay the special
fees involved- The car and parts buyers- Always ask your last price, mileage
and assure you they are buying it for a client. They always agree to handle
all shipping- but show no knowledge of classic cars or parts. They usually
offer to pay by cashier's check, usually from someone in the US who owes
them money.I respond that cashier's checks must be for exact amount, and
will be held until truly clear(4-6 weeks,) and if fraudulent, will be turned
over to the American Secret Service. I have sent Secret Service  one,($3500
for an $800 part) that was sent me even after I told him I would not refund
any excess. I suspected it was bad, so called the issuing US bank- and was
told it was counterfeit. I have known people less careful, who truly
believed they had sold their car. Local police, State police, even FBI will
do little- The Secret Service  Will investigate, so if you have problems,
call them. They will probably only solve cases if there is a pattern, so
feedback to them should help . Threatening  to call the Secret Service seems
to end all contacts from the "car buying" scammers .James Dean, Ft
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As a service to our members and non members who advertise in our
magazines, we have earlier this year also started putting
advertisements on the RCCA web pages (where the advertiser requests

One of our members has told me that she was nearly
scammed by a potential buyer in the UK.  He agreed to purchase the car
and she was thrilled at the thought that the P6B would be "going
home".  Unfortunately, the guy stuffed around for a month and
eventually sent a US$10,000 cheque which included costs for shipping.
The cheque was counterfeit!

It probably may cause us to reconsider if we should in fact put car
advertisements on the web.


Peter H

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