[ROVERNET - UK] Scammers,Counterfeit cashier's checks,et al

Peter Huttemeier peterhut at melbpc.org.au
Thu Sep 2 02:17:05 BST 2004

On Wed, 1 Sep 2004 00:30:06 -0400, you wrote:

>I advertise  parts on several Classic car sites, Trying to resolve 30 years
>of CompulsiveHoarding, in my British Car business. Since my Email address
>is  available to the world, I deal daily with people trying to defraud me.
>Some tips; Delete as unread anything from Nigeria. Fraud is a  major

I asked our member for a bit more info and it seems the scam was very
transparent. He had a business partner "a third party" who was to send
a US Cashiers Cheque.  The cheque was for more than the agreed price
and he wanted the seller to take out money and forward the balance via
western union to the shipper in the UK. He then asked the seller to
forward some money to get the ball rolling in terms of the shipping
because it is a long process while the cheque was clearing and of
course, the cheque would bounce and he would end up with the money. I
think our member was a relative "Net Newbie" and had not been exposed
to many of these before.

So, really just another variation on the already existing schemes out
there such as Nigerian (and its derivatives) and the various Bank

The moral is just to be careful and be aware of the obvious.


Peter H

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