[ROVERNET - UK] Cautionary tale on car advertising

ikke nie rover1000 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 1 08:21:54 BST 2004

this kind of stories have been in all the newspapers in Belgium for months 
now.  It seems to be a new version of the Nigerian hussles...

common sense apllies here: why would someone pay 10.000 US$ to buy a car in 
Canada when the market in the UK is flooded with perfect P6s?  Unless it was 
a rare prototype or a Graber coupé of course

I don't think you should stop posting your ad's on your site, it's a strong 
medium after all

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>Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] Cautionary tale on car advertising
>Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2004 12:53:43 +1000
>As a service to our members and non members who advertise in our
>magazines, we have earlier this year also started putting
>advertisements on the RCCA web pages (where the advertiser requests
>One of our members has told me that she was nearly
>scammed by a potential buyer in the UK.  He agreed to purchase the car
>and she was thrilled at the thought that the P6B would be "going
>home".  Unfortunately, the guy stuffed around for a month and
>eventually sent a US$10,000 cheque which included costs for shipping.
>The cheque was counterfeit!
>It probably may cause us to reconsider if we should in fact put car
>advertisements on the web.
>Peter H
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