[ROVERNET - UK] 2000TC gaskets, tailpipe

smanwell smanwell at sprintmail.com
Wed Sep 1 13:08:03 BST 2004


As others have said, most Rover specialists should stock the gaskets.  
In North America, Dermott Harvey in NY, James Dean in FL and Ruth at ABC 
in Vancouver come to mind.  Or any of the UK suppliers such as Pierre 
Janusz (RPS) who is active here on Rovernet, or JRW, Weekley, etc.

All of the above could be candidates to supply exhaust sections too 
though shipping from the UK will be high for parts that size.  Try 
Malcolm at Double S Exhaust in western Canada -- 
http://www.doublesexhausts.com/     I believe they offer stainless 
exhausts for P6 -- Eric Russell may have specific experience with them.  
Dick Ames in Florida (see Hemmings) may be able to get Langford/Falcon 
stainless exhausts for Rovers.


Norm wrote:

>In trying to get a new exhaust manifold on the P6, it looks like the engine has to be lifed and the intalke manifold as
>well.  Where is my best source and getting the intake & exhaust gaskets ... and it looks like I need the rear sections of the
>tailpipe, muffler&resonator.  Any help?  Thanks, Norm
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