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Sun Sep 5 01:06:30 BST 2004

Hi Ben, I'm in Atlanta now and not at home in Miami (missing Hurricane Frances) so I'm going by memory. 

If the engine is DOHC (are the plugs in the middle of the valve cover?) and the car is RWD, it's probably from a Toyota Corolla GTS, about a mid 1980's variety (before they switched to FWD). Problem is I don't remember if the DOHC came with carbs, although this was a frequent modification (removing the FI) to mount the engine in an earlier car.

Does it have only 1 carb? 1 or 2 barrels? Down-draught or side-draughts? If the engine is DOHC, then it's probably 1.8L or 2.0L displacement.

Other Toyotas that came with the small DOHC are the MR2 and the Corolla FX-16.

You could send me a photo or go to an auto parts store and ask for a water pump for the GTS to see if it looks like the one on your motor.

Toyota pretty much had 3 types of 4 cylinder engines in their RWD applications which lasted till the mid 1980's:
1100 to 1300cc - Toyota Starlets
1800 to 2000cc - Toyota Corollas
2200 to 2400cc - Toyota Celicas, Coronas, and small pickups.

>From what I remember, only the 1800 to 2000 came with DOHC in RWD form.

Randy - Miami, FL

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