[ROVERNET - UK] Fuel Leak at Carb

roger matheson rogerdm at iprimus.com.au
Sun Sep 5 08:29:42 BST 2004

I agree with Vern, it sounds like a stuck needle and seat in the float
chamber or similar.  With the car running give the side of the float chamber
some sharp taps with a plastic end of a screwdriver, because that may
unstick things with fuel flowing.  Alternatively you could dismatle the
float chamber and check that the flaot has not sunk with a leak.  There
should be no fluid in the float.  By holding the needle and seat assembly in
the lid you can blow and suck through the fuel inlet to check that the seat
closes.  refrain from smoking or close encounters with naked flames until
you no longer smell of petrol.
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> Hello Roverettes,
> I am getting a fuel leak at the front float bowl of my 69 TC.  I think it
> coming from the small escape hole under the line that goes to the rear
> chamber.  Is this a vacuum issue or something else?  I just replaced the
> float lid gasket so I know that is fine.
> This happens right after startup and will continue until I shut the car
>   What goes?
> Thanks all,
> Tom C.
> PS Thanks to Tom T. for the wiper assembly!!  Maybe all those rumors about
> California are not true. :)
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