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Thu Sep 9 13:03:16 BST 2004

Stephen and Rovernetters,

Both Jo and I had a great time -- Thank you and Christine for hosting us 

We had a good drive back.  The P4 got 26 mpg from a fill up at the 
Massachusetts border to a top up back home.  Not bad for a 44 year old car.

For the record, we assembled twelve Rovers including the ten in the 
photo that Stephen linked to plus the Land Rover 88 photographers' 
platform and the 109 under construction in the garage.   We had a great 
turn out of RSTCA people and enjoyed the company of Chris and Stephen's 
family and Stephen's car-guy friends.  All in all a fine celebration of 
Rover's 100th birthday and our biggest and busiest annual Northeast 
Rover Meet yet!

--Steve Manwell

Stephen Beer wrote:

> I would like to thank Steve and Jo Manwell
> and everybody else who made the Rover party
> such an outstanding day.
> We should do this more often than yearly.
> http://www.beerinc.com/rovers.gif
> Stephen Beer
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