[ROVERNET - UK] Hand Brake Linkage

Ray Wilkins rwilkins at connexus.net.au
Sun Sep 12 00:49:44 BST 2004

During the ongoing wrecking of my spare car I removed the entire
handbrake linkage and although greasy and a bit (surface) rusty, was in
good condition, especially the rubber grommets. However, on checking the
linkage in my ‘good’ car (because I felt that the handbrake was set too
tight) I found that the rearmost grommet (between the 2 arms of the
linkage adjacent to the rear calipers) was shot to pieces. Ah Ha, I said
to myself, I’ll remove the good one from the spare and change them over!
The question now is “how?” They do not seem to come off and over the end
of the cable. Does anyone have any ideas? Or done this before? All help
would be appreciated.


Ray Wilkins
Melbourne, Australia
1976 P6B Almond


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