[ROVERNET - UK] British car day

Linda & Ben Rodgers rodgl at pei.sympatico.ca
Wed Sep 15 16:43:47 BST 2004

Hi Bill
        Linda and I have attended at least twice from PEI, its a great
show, always lots of unusual and interesting cars to see.  We have a
standing lunch invitation on the tailgate of Blain Hughes Land Rover.
Never had the courage to drive my old P5 all the way up there, sorry!!
But I did bring Bill Osmond (think thats his last name) a P4 windshield
on our last trip. I haven't heard from Bill in awhile, guess he finally
installed the glass in one piece? he got two w/shiels from me.  We
unfortunately can't make it this year but will be thinking of all you
Rover guys, hope its a good turn out for the anniversary!
                                        Regards Ben

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